Danna is a relaxed and seasoned presenter who speaks on a variety of topics (from health to heaven) with wisdom, humor and transparency. She is comfortable with audiences of all sizes and considers it an honor to share the hope that is within her whenever she is able.

The titles below are simply a sampling of her most popular topics. 

Extreme Makeover…God’s Edition
Before any significant makeover can happen, some demolition is usually needed. The old and unnecessary must be torn down before it can be replaced with the new and needed improvements. That is how God usually works in our own lives – but not until we are willing to stand before the Master Makeover Artist and surrender all the “stuff” that is standing in the way of our remodel. In her usual practical and very real style, Danna provides scriptural and practical teaching that helps women experience a profound makeover of the heart. Available as a 2-4 session conference or retreat

What Happened to My Life?
This message is for every woman who finds herself tired, frustrated or even discontent with her life. And who doesn’t at one time or another? Whether dealing with a crisis or simply feeling life is not what you had hoped it would be; Danna helps women of all ages move from discontentment to joy by learning how to “set their minds on things above” and discover lasting contentment despite the circumstances of life.Offered as a single keynote or full weekend retreat.

The Balancing Act…Learning to live with peace, power and purpose
Is busyness, stress or too many responsibilities robbing you of joy? Perhaps you find it a challenge to maintain a sense of passion and purpose amidst the hectic pace of your daily life. Or maybe, you are hungry to learn how to surrender every part of your life fully to God. Danna takes her audience on a journey through five key dimensions of life and helps them learn to choose “the best form all the good”. Based on biblical principles, she illustrates through her own transparent stories how we can find true and lasting balance. Offered as a single keynote or 2-4 session conference/retreat. 4-CD Retreat Series Available

The One Thing
What one thing, if you did it consistently, would make such a dramatic impact that it would transform you profoundly, improve you significantly and satisfy you deeply? The real answers to a rich and victorious life are not as elusive as many think. Danna shares what she has learned about “The One Thing” and how we can find deep life satisfaction by putting first things first.  Single Keynote Message

Can You Hear Me Now?
Our busy, over-scheduled lives dull the voice of God. If we’d only slow down and quiet our hearts, we could hear Him calling, “Can you hear me now?” In this one hour presentation, Danna shares four keys to finding the stillness needed to know and love God more deeply.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life
Discover how to balance your body, soul and spirit in ways that will help you realize lasting victory over unhealthy habits once and for all. Based on her best-selling book, Scale Down and her more recent book,Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, Danna Demetre will teach you why knowing “what” to do is simply not enough. You must learn “how” to make those changes stick. She says that is done first and foremost by becoming “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. In this fast-paced and practical presentation, you will learn the essential physical, mental and spiritual truths that will not only scale down your size and weight… but help you celebrate each day with greater health and vitality.

Topics with Husband Lew Boore

Danna also loves to speak with her husband, Lew Boore.  They have relevant messages for Men’s, women’s and mixed groups.  Lew is even open to offer a workship called: WHAT MEN REALLY WANT! when Danna is booked at a women’s retreat or conference.

They are passionate about marriage and family relationships and speak transparently about God’s miraculous work in their own family.  Their sense of humor, authenticity and biblical insights give hope and courage to others.

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes gifts come in less than desirable packages and we miss their real value. Lew and Danna share how the stresses of the season can make us lose sight of God’s perfect and sometimes unexpected gifts. They share a poignant story about a “gift” in their own lives that almost tore them apart.  But, they learned to see with spiritual eyes and trust God. He showed them that some unwanted, unseemly and undesirable things in life are sometimes miracles delivered to very specifically to bring reconciliation and hope. If we open our hearts, our unexpected gifts can help us better embrace God’s most important gift to all mankind – Jesus Christ.

MARRIAGE: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Love has EVERTHING to do with it. The problem is that most couples don’t have an accurate understanding of what love really is and if they do, many choose not to live it.

In their very transparent and “real” style, Lew and Danna share their own painful (but now joyful) journey and biblical truths about God’s definition of love and how He calls us to love our spouses selflessly. Couples come away with hope and practical ways to begin investing in their marriages right away.

More about Danna and Lew’s Relationship

Lew and Danna have been married for 26 years after both failing at their first marriages. They have experienced the joys and challenges of a blended family and today celebrate deep bonds with their three adult children. Today, Lew and Danna are best friends – but infidelity and distrust could have destroyed their marriage. Instead, they chose to seek God’s best for their relationship and learn how to love and respect each other deeply.

In 1997, they adopted their grandson, when Danna’s 16 year-old daughter, Jill realized how difficult it was to raise a child on her own.  Jesse is now 15 (pictured left with Lew) and is enjoying his new “brother”, Demetre – the son of Jill and her husband, Danny.  Lew says, “If you had told me ten years ago that our family would be this close and full of joy, I would not have believed you! But, God is in the business of reconciliation and restoration. We just needed to do our part and surrender our egos, past hurts and selfishness and HE worked a miracle in our hearts!”