Danna’s Story


LIKE YOU, I’M A WORK IN PROGRESS. In the past four decades of walking with Christ, I’ve experienced a few “extreme makeovers” that were painful, but life-changing. God has shown me what it really means to be “transformed by the renewing of our mind”. He walked with me through the heartbreak of marital infidelity, the challenges of rebellious children, unrelenting panic attacks and prolonged bondage to food. I’ve discovered that God’s Word is truly “living and active and more powerful than a double-edged sword”. It’s like a surgical knife that can cut out the lies we believe and replace them with truth.

MY DESIRE IS TO MEET WOMEN WHERE THEY ARE:  in all the joys, sorrows, successes and frustrations of everyday life and address all those life areas that are holding them back from becoming all God has destined them to be. If I expect women to be honest with themselves and others, then I know I need to be real as well. That means that I don’t stand on a stage, write a book, or deliver a podcast or video as some sort of woman who has “arrived”. I share my own life journey (the good, bad, and ugly) transparently in order to illustrate what an amazing and loving God can do with a mess such as me…and you!

MY MANY CAREER PATHS:  In the past 40 years (I’m a bit older than I look and feel), I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various careers that have expanded my knowledge, experience and wisdom. In my first career right out of college, I was a registered nurse specializing in labor and delivery. To this day, I get calls from family and friends for health advice. It’s a good thing that unlike cars – bodies still operate in the same way decade after decade! In the 80’s, I was a marketing manager and corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 company in the area of retirement funding and investments. (This is one of the reasons I wrote my book LEAN BODY, FAT WALLET as there’s a significant correlation between our health and wealth habits). Along the way, I was involved in fitness – teaching exercise classes, personal training and owning/operating my own fitness center before finally moving into full time ministry in 1994.

AGELESS RELEVANCE? That’s what women tell me about my message.  It seems like God has me in a really sweet season where I can mentor women from 20 to 70 in a practical and relevant way. I relate as well to women who have most of their lives ahead of them as well as those who are approaching their last lap of life. Since I’m personally well past mid-life (that is unless God plans on giving me 120 years), I am extremely mindful of how fast time files and how important it is to invest each 24 hour package of life in an intentional way.

FROM RADIO TO PODCASTING: As a former radio talk-show host and producer, I loved the connection I could have with my audience on a regular basis while they were driving in the car, doing chores around the house or just sitting in the sunshine taking a well deserved break (that’s okay, you know). Anyway, I’ve missed that part of my life and am very excited that regular podcasting is becoming a big part of my ministry. I really hope you’ll take a moment to sign up for my mailing list so you can check out my “Ageless Woman Living” shows and get involved in our conversations by sending me questions or maybe even coming on the show if you have something other women need to hear!

WRITER, AUTHOR, YADA YADA YADA:  I’ve been blessed to have several books published and have also created  lots of resource materials that help women realize lasting “makeovers” in many areas of their lives. You can check them out in my web store.  My goal is to inspire women to live more intentional, contented lives – inviting God to do an  “extreme makeover” in their lives wherever needed – body, soul, and spirit.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Of all my roles, I consider the honor of being  “wife and mom” the most important. I have two beautiful married daughters (Jamie – 37 and Jill – 34), a step-son Lewis (30) and an adopted grandson – Jesse (17) – that’s a GREAT story for another time. I’ve been married to my husband, Lew for 29 years and we have 4 other grandchildren. We’ve lived in San Diego for almost 22 years with the exception of 2 glorious years in the Italian part of Switzerland – Ticinio – right next door to Lake Como. Yep, neighbors with George Clooney. (You’ve got to watch my video about the time I met him!)

ENOUGH ABOUT ME… I’d love to know about you. Join our growing group of women from across the globe and let’s spur each other in faith, hope and love!