Are you living intentionally?


WHAT'S YOUR PASSION? Mine is to invest each day God has given me to the fullest by loving Him and others lavishly. I want to be inspired by truth, moved to take action in love and inspire others to live a more intentional life - fully surrendered to God.

In the pages of my website, I hope to:

INSPIRE YOU to live a healthier lifestyle so you can embrace each day to the fullest.

INSPIRE YOU to renew your mind so that your "automatic pilot" settings steer you down a path of productivity and meaning.

INSPIRE YOU to nourish your soul and spirit daily so that you can live out the unique purpose God intends just for you.             

LIFE IS A GIFT that comes in little 24 hour packages - 84,600 seconds that tick...tick away and can never be recaptured.

TIME is a most precious and elusive possession. How will you invest yours today? I hope the moments you spend visiting my pages will provide you with some inspiration, ideas and tools that will enhance your ability to live a more INTENTIONAL LIFE!

Embrace Today,








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