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I'm glad you've taken a moment to visit my personal website. Whether your an event planner looking for a speaker - or a woman desiring resources to lead a more balanced life - body, soul & spirit - I hope you find  something of value in these pages. 

I absolutely love connecting with and mentoring women. I've had the privilege of dedicating the last 20+ years to that exclusively and as a "mature" or what we like to call "ageless" woman of 63 - I believe I'm in a really "sweet spot" of time to reach women of all ages with timeless truths. 

Don't miss all the free content I create almost weekly to include audio-podcasts, video blogs, healthy cooking shows and so much more. You can find most of that content now on my brand new coaching site at the link below. My ministry partner, Robyn Thomson and I have two virtual coaching programs available to women across the globe. 







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